Client Centered

We are here to serve, not sell.

We are not tied to any particular family of funds, investment products or services. We are fiduciaries held to the highest standard of care and are required to act in the best interest of our clients at all times.

We do not receive commissions of any kind. Our “fee-only” compensation method is simple and transparent and gives us an incentive for growing your assets. We itemize our fees in writing quarterly.

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, are required to practice full and fair disclosure about our personnel and business practices. 

Your assets are held securely by an independent custodian/brokerage firm (such as Charles Schwab). For many investors, this provides a reassuring system of checks and balances – your money is not held by the same person who advises you about how to invest it.

In addition to regular monthly statements from the account custodian/brokerage firm where your assets are held, you can expect regular contact from us including quarterly summaries of investment performance, our investment outlook, and monthly communications on a variety of current financial planning topics. 

You can expect personal reviews tailored to your needs either in person, by web, or phone.